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Channel fixing

This is where the channel to keep the showerscreen in place is screwed and sealed into the wall before the glass is inserted.

 Channel fixing

Clip fixing

A clip is fixed between the glass and the wall surface to keep the showerscreen in place.

 Clip fixing

Corner return

Refers to a style of showerscreen. A two sided screen with the panels at right angles. The return panel can be a half height on a solid wall or a bath edge, in which case it is a corner half return.


Flush to floor

The shower recess is at the same level as the bathroom floor, allows proper drainage to occur.

 Flush to floor


Common float glass is made by combining sand, soda and lime in a furnace. It can be clear, tinted, translucent or opaque.


Patterned glass

This is obscure glass used in showerscreens.


Raised hob

A shower recess that has been raised above the bathroom floor.

 Raised hob

Recessed hob

The recess is 10mm or lower than the level of the bathroom floor.

 recessed hob

Scalloped handle

The handle on the drawer is cut out of the drawer itself.



A preformed tray that creates a hob in the shower recess area. Prevents water from leaking onto the bathroom floor.


Toned glass

Glass produced by adding a colourant, usually powdered oxides.


Toughened glass

Glass that has been treated through a furnace. Toughened glass is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary float glass.


Vinyl wrapped drawers

These are drawers with no protruding handles.