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Regency's internal wardrobe configurations are available in a multitude of designs which can be mixed and matched to accommodate your storage needs. You can choose from fixed or adjustable shelves, drawers and/or baskets that define your hanging space requirements and incorporate compartments for shoes and hats.

We use scalloped handles on our drawers which means that the handle is cut out of the actual drawer. The advantage being these handles are more secure and stronger than standard plastic handles.

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In the main section of the wardrobe we use premium hanging rods that are 25mm in diameter (standard rods are typically 19mm in diameter). The larger diameter ensures that even when loaded with all your winter jackets and coats, the hanging rod will not bow.

Whatever your requirements, with such a wide variety of choices we will certainly have a design that will fit in perfectly with the way you live.

With Regency, you will get a highly useable and flexible space tailored to fit your lifestyle. It can be tailored for your bedroom, laundry, office or family room.

Wardrobe Internals can be designed for 2 door, 3 door or 4 door wardrobes, or a fully customised wall in robe set up. Visit a showroom today for inspiration, or have a look at our online Wardrobe Designer. You can create your very own solution.

Available colours will vary in each state, visit your nearest showroom, or consult your sales representative for further details.

The Regency brochures below have all the latest information to help you select the perfect showerscreen, wardrobe, splashback or mirror for your home. Click on your state's brochure below or contact your nearest Regency showroom to see the range of products.

Regency Brochures:

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The design of your wardrobe is a very personal choice. Not only does it need to suit the design of your home, it needs to efficiently utilise the space you have available and suit your storage needs. Watch our video as Leah explores the options available at Regency.